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We have now moved to an online triage system, therefore, to request an appointment you need to fill an online triage form here or through your NHS app.

Your request will be reviewed and actioned within 24 hours.

Please be aware, online medical requests are open Monday to Friday from 7am up until we reach capacity. We encourage all our patients to submit their online form as early as possible in the day. This allows our clinicians to deal with requests in a timely way. If you feel you have an urgent medical issue after 3pm, please call us on 01684 592696. 

 If you do not have access to the internet, you can still call us and our Care Navigators will be able to do this on your behalf. Where possible, patients are in encouraged to use our online form.

Please read carefully the information below and FAQ’s.

  • Here is how it works:
  • 1. From now on, please contact us online, either through the NHS App or the Upton Surgery website.
  • 2. Click on “Appointment Information” Fill in and submit the appointment request form, which will be available from 7am every working day. Please do this as early as possible.
  • 3. For nurse appointment requests, click “Admin” then “Something else”.
  • 4. The information you have entered on the form will be read promptly and triaged by one of our GP’s. ‘Triage‘ means that the GP will decide how we can best help you .
  • 5. We will contact you back the same day to arrange a face-to-face appointment or a telephone appointment with the right member of our clinical team, or direct you to other help, via your preferred method.

Our  telephone system will remain to support patients who cannot easily use the internet, or later in the day when online forms are not accessible. If you do need to telephone, our staff will still remain responsive to your needs on the day.

The change to on-line means that we will be able to handle patients’ requests more quickly.

An on-line form has already been available on our website since 2021 and has saved time for 12,488 patients from needing to call the practice. We would now like to expand this service to all of our appointments. Nationally, other GP Practices have already made the change to on-line requests, and we have visited several of them to see how well the system works and meets the needs of their patients.

At weekends, non-working days and out of hours, phone 111 for medical advice.

Frequently asked questions:

To maintain fairness and availability of access and to avoid wasted appointments for issues that may resolve by the morning. Once a form has been submitted it cannot be cancelled and will be dealt with even if an appointment is no longer necessary.
The number of forms available each day will be managed reflecting the number of available clinical appointments each day. This is the same method as the current system. All forms will be processed in the order submitted.
We will respond by your preferred method. There is an option on the form to specify this.
This will vary depending upon demand on the day, however we expect most requests to be responded to within 4 working hours.
Yes, our reception care navigators will be able to complete the form with you on the phone or in person if you prefer. However we expect most patients will find the form simple to understand and complete.
Patient access allows patients to request medication and book a limited number of appointments directly (e.g. cervical cancer screening) This new online form system will allow you to request any type of appointment.
It is not necessary to register, it is available via the banner at the top of our home page or via the “Appointment Information” tile on our website. However patients who are registered to use the NHS App have access to the full range of medical record functionality (blood test results, ordering prescriptions and medical record view etc) in addition to online forms.
It can be accessed via a phone without the need for an App. However if you use the NHS App you will have access to the full range of functionality (blood test results, ordering prescriptions and viewing your medical record, etc). The form is also accessible on a computer via our website or the NHS App online.
The NHS app is available free via the AppStore or via GooglePlay or online at
Yes our staff are able to explain how to access and use the system. However, please avoid asking clinical staff to demonstrate the system during an appointment as this may delay them seeing their next patient. Watch out for additional training sessions too. These are published on our Facebook page, on our website and in the waiting area.
Yes, however on arrival the reception care navigator will complete the form with you. This may involve the need to discuss personal information. Please kindly let our care navigator know if you are not comfortable providing information at the desk. Arriving in person to book will NOT mean your request jumps the queue. You may have to wait for a considerable length of time for you request to be reviewed by a GP.
We would prefer patients to continue to use either the NHS App or Patient Access to order prescriptions as this avoids any missed items, drug name or dose errors when ordering.
Just as now, when you call a trained care navigator will assist the GP in dealing with online requests. This may involve them organising forms for them to review or contacting patients with a response or to book an appointment. All staff at Upton surgery have a DBS check completed, have signed a confidentiality agreement as well as having undergone confidentiality training.
The online form is provided by an NHS accredited supplier (AccuRx) who have undergone a rigorous validation and procurement process at national, regional and local level to ensure it is safe and appropriate.
Information submitted is not visible to third parties and no information is retained by the system manufacturer. The information supplied IS stored within your medical record held at the practice. All data sharing agreements are published within our privacy notice which is available on our website.
The total triage system we use (AccuRx) complies with Information Security Management Standard ISO027001 and they are an NHS accredited software supplier.
To maintain access and continuity, appointments for clinical staff will remain bookable on the day only. If you would like to be seen on a future date, please submit a request early (from 7am) on the day you would like to be seen, stating you need to be seen that day/morning. We have done extensive patient demand analysis and appointment capacity modelling and therefore expect we will be able to accommodate most requests on the same day.
You are trying to complete a form before 7am or after 3pm (afternoon cut-off). We restrict forms from being submitted later in the afternoon to ensure time to process and offer an appointment the same day. Please try after 7am or (after the afternoon cut-off), call the surgery and you will be triaged via the phone during opening hours. This message may appear before 3pm if we experience an unusually higher number of requests than we have appointment capacity. Please call the surgery if your concern can not wait until another day.